Friends & Family Time

Planning a Reunion Weekend Away with Friends & Family?

Weekend away with Friends & Family

Ah friends, dear dear friends.  Do you remember the times we use to be able to just pop over for a coffee? Take the dog for a walk all together and somehow find ourselves at a country pub eating a full roast at 1pm?  Do you remember we always spoke about planning that weekend away all together, “lets get Mum & Dad to come too and then they can babysit!”

Well now’s the time to stop day dreaming, get something booked up, and have something to look forward to!

The Crest Family Holiday Home

The Crest has proven to be a special place for many friends and families over the years .  The way the property is laid out ensures the flow is perfectly suited for folks to spend lots of time together, but well you know, still have that all important space to get away from each other!

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate with your friends and family coming up? Are you spread all over the country and find it hard to come together? Or are you already booked to come to The Crest to celebrate?  A 60th Birthday, a 40th Wedding  anniversary, or simply bringing your family together, parents, grandparents and grandchildren, all under one roof for the first time in a while?

River MeonRiver Meon 

Fabulous share spaces

We have three, yes three living rooms! One in the annex (this is typically where the grandparents hide out), and two in the house.  That arrangement makes for plenty of space for everyone to watch TV, read a book, and catch up with each other.


The large lounge with the log burner gets all dec’d out in December with a large Christmas tree, and in the summer the French doors open right out to the garden.

The Annex

The annex is its own special little house, with a double bed, a walk in shower a kitchen and lounge, and even it’s own courtyard garden.   I think many visitors “just nip over to the annex for something”, sneak a quiet cup of coffee and take a few moments (hours) by themselves!

Annex Lounge

The garden

This is my favourite part of the house, it was why we bought the house to raise our family in.  I spent many hours in that garden, baby monitor on my hip, before we moved to the US and I miss it deeply.  Please have as much fun as you can there – I would LOVE to see some pictures if you do. There are two areas to gather and share a meal at, when the weather permits.  The large gas BBQ and the long English summer nights mean that this may be your most favourite area, just like me.

Perfect for Hide & Seek – can you find all the fairy doors?

Fairy Doors

We are all set to make your stay away with your family & friends as special as we can.  We love putting up our beautiful hand made Birthday Banner across the dining table ready for you to add the cake to the stand and friends around the table!

Birthday Banner

Eating Out

There are also some really great places to have a special meal booked during your stay.  Three of our favourites at the moment are The Bakers Arms, a mere 3 minute stumble walk from The Crest, the newly opened The Bucks Head in Meonstoke, just along from Droxford, with the team producing some phenomenal Sunday roasts; and the The Shoe Exton which is a cosy modern country pub with its own pantry selling freshly baked bread, jams and pastries and has a garden (and ice cream shack) set right alongside the River Meon.


Don’t take our word for it. We have been doing this for over 6 years now, most of our reviews are tucked away in our lovely guest book, but lots of them are now online here and we are very proud of them 🙂


Come Stay!

We realise it’s not all about the property, this is an indulgent post in that respect.  There are so many  memorable days out to be had in the area and we will continue to cover these, we love helping you plan your time should you want help. Why not start reading here to give you some ideas of what to do?

Contact me to plan your home from home weekend away with your friends and family!

Jo x

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