Visitor Giving

South Downs National Park

What is Visitor Giving?

Visitor Giving is a way of inviting visitors, guests and customers to give a little something back to look after the places they love to visit and to help maintain the area for future generations. 

Why are we a Visitor Giving partner?

We’re proud to be fundraising for the South Downs National Park Trust, the official charity of the South Downs National Park where we are based. We too want to see more land managed for wildlife, more rare habitats protected, more local communities thriving and more people able to access and enjoy the landscape.

What we are asking for?

When you book your holiday at The Crest please consider making a donation of anything from £2.50 upwards and we at The Crest will match that donation.  We also have a visitor giving box at The Crest which you can pop money into.

What happens to the money donated?

Visitor Giving is a way of collecting small contributions that, added together, can amount to quite a lot.  We collect your donation, which is added to your final bill, on behalf of the South Downs National Part Trust and we transfer all donations raised directly to the trust.  We do not receive any payment or percentage for supporting Visitor Giving.

How can you help?

With the support of visitors like you, the Trust can help making a lasting difference to the environment, wildlife and communities of the South Downs. You can find out more about the work they do at:

Here are some examples of how your donation could help:

£2.50   Pay for a square metre of wildflower meadow, a fantastic nectar source for many of our bees and butterflies.

£5        Support a volunteer ranger for a month, providing them with the equipment they need to conserve our landscapes and enhance our rights of way.

£10      A child access or hands-on education activities.

£50      Resurface a 1 metre section of the South Downs Way.

£100    Fund a new finger post helping to ensure you don’t get lost!

£500    Cover the costs for our Rangers to restore a section of chalk grassland, creating a haven for wild orchids and butterflies.

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