The Horrible Histories® Pirates

Horrible Histories® Pirates at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard!

The Horrible Histories® Pirates exhibition is firmly established at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The Horrible Histories® Pirates exhibition is an interactive, hands-on family fun adventure which has come all the way from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, where it’s been receiving rave reviews!

Terry Deary, author and creator of Horrible Histories, says: “A Horrible Pirate experience, all the way from Aaarrrghstralia to Portsmouth, and aye can’t wait to sea it. So get your Long Johns ready. You’ll be hooked.”

Why not get yourself ready by learning all the words to Putrid Pirates Blackbeard’s song, you’ll be sure to frighten all the locals!?

The Horrible Histories® Pirates

So, are you ready to take command of a pirate ship, design your own pirate flag? Do you fancy your chances at trying out weilding a cutlasses or firing a cannon? Dare all and your fate find on the wheel of misfortune!

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Launch Event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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